Agency and Gratitude

Today I hung out with two friends I haven’t seen in a while. With a great friend who recently graduated, we ended up playing ping pong and then going on a 4.5-hour walk. I’m exhausted, but I had a fantastic day. I’m honestly fairly mentally gone, so I am just going to quickly crank out a CBT for consistency’s sake.

Situation: I hold internalized resentment towards being Indian.

Thoughts: I can be upset that this is something I can’t change, or wish to somehow be able to change it.

Feelings: I feel insecure and powerless, and ultimately I wish I could somehow change this.

Behavior: I may complete this self-fulfilling prophecy, and also end up sabotaging myself in future situations.

Alternatively -

Thoughts: It ain’t that deep lol. This is more something I’ve internalized rather than something that is widespread or commonly thought of. This only really has the power I give it, and even if it is the case in real life whatever I just move on lol.

Feelings: I feel more confident, and I just accept that it be like that sometimes.

Behavior: I am more of a big chiller, and I can just accept it and move on. This way I let go of a lot of the negatives while keeping the positives of being Indian.

It be like that sometimes lmao, luv you