An Open Letter

A digital journal

S met S and L for the first time today, we all played a bit of lethal company. Ironically, I was a little bit worried because I wasn’t exactly sure how tolerant either side would be. I think I was afraid for nothing, but I am a little bit afraid of any possible crossover episodes. I guess my fear is S’s lack of a filter and his honesty. Those are some of the things I love about him the most, as I know that he will give me the respect of being transparent with me about his thoughts. I also have a lot of trust in his character, as he is one of the most consistent in his beliefs people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t get swept up by trends or fads for activism, but genuinely believes in certain causes and is willing to make determined stands or compromises for them. I remember how he protested Taiwan’s oppression for years, way after it had subsided in the media. I also know that he is an incredibly loving and accepting person.

But I also am aware of the fact that he can be out of pocket, or say things that are not socially acceptable. I don’t actually disagree with the things that he says, as he has thought through the implications and meanings behind the things he says and has a valid rationale behind them. But also I get how it can be jarring or abrasive to others, as I think people typically who grow up in a bubble tie in connotations to words incredibly quickly. I guess that’s what my fear is. S is a great person, and I’m afraid of that being glossed over by something he says that gets taken the wrong way.

I guess I enjoy having this problem in some sense, as this means I am a multifaceted person and am not just living in one bubble. For all of the consequences of my upbringing, I am incredibly happy for being raised online, with how diverse of a group of people I’ve been able to be friends with.

I have just noticed there are 4 different types of bugs in my apartment covering the walls, and so I guess I won’t be able to keep my glass door open. AC 24/7 it is. I’m also exhausted in the sense where I don’t even really get a chance to write down anything for this blog, let alone actually have any substance. I’m kinda in a weird catatonic state where I don’t have the energy to properly journal. I guess I can finally write this in full candor, since she won’t read this ever: I broke up with B today finally. Break up might not be the right word, but I told her that we should stop dating. I just don’t see myself loving her, but I believe that she does. And so it’s cruel for me to wait any longer.

Brain don’t work, long day, Friday, and it is 3:33 AM. I have played league for like 4 hours after not playing anything this entire week and me and T just lost like every game in a glorious way. I just kept roleplaying a degenerate loser and it was so much fun. I had fun.

Today was a horribly draining day. I was just dead at work, and I finally bit the bullet and spent $450 on the MSF safety course. When finally going to get gear, it all kinda hit me. I feel ashamed to have changed my mind so fast, but talking with my dad and realizing how I would have to compromise on safety gear + the fact that even if I do everything perfectly I could have everything I care about stripped from my life was enough to make me reconsider. I decided to bite the bullet and just pay the $50 fee and refund the course. As free as the thought of riding on a sunny day is, the thought of having my hands or legs taken from me in some way is too much of a cost.

Also I realized I’m not in love, or close to it. I think I need to let her down softly somehow. I don’t know how to. It also doesn’t help I left for 30 minutes and Hash pooped and peed on the floor and carpet. I’m tired.

Today I hung out with S, and I got to meet more of their family. I realized that a family doesn't have to be strangers and can have actual genuine connections. I guess a little bit more strained and intimate at times, but I kind of does remind me of my relationship with my really close friends. The ones where I get in fairly consistent fights once in awhile, but at the end of the day we are still loyal to each other. I think that's a pretty beautiful thing.

I took more than half of the day off to try to set up the internet because I needed to be there for the technician, And finally it's set up. I'm super tired to the point where when I was working from home I was about to pass out so I clocked out and ended up sleeping for 3 hours so I'm going to go to bed now. I'm kind of let go of all of my routines and I'm a little bit worried about that so I'm going to try to get back into that soon.

I feel like I'm kinda in India, salvaging whatever internet I can. I like this little simple living as long as it's temporary. My first day today was good but I'm worried with work, overtime, Hash and the gym if I'll even have any free time for myself. We'll see.

No internet, but I think everything will be ok. Short post because need to wake up at 6:45am. Goodnight me

Another rushed post because I've been all over the place moving – tomorrow I wake up at 4 am to drive 8 hours to my new internship. This is stressful as fuck, but I'm weirdly excited I think.

While driving down to San Diego I stopped by Freddy's to get the food for my second time ever. I think it will forever be tied with the memory of L. I wonder how much of me is made up of others