As many things do nowadays

Two things I wanted to quickly jot down before I ran to class – they mentioned they’ve started to feel joy, and that made me incredibly happy. But also they wanted me to share my list of things we would do when they got back and even mentioned how they wanted to add things also. They even jokingly said, “Me when I have to wait for my bitch friend to come back”.

I’m both glad to have them as a friend, but also glad to know that I don’t depend on them as a person. That being said, I love spending time with them and talking to them, they are someone I feel comfortable around and I feel like I can be myself.

There are so many different ways I can think about this to write, but my class is starting soon and I have to leave. Another great friend is coming to visit and hang out. Others want to play some games today. I’m waiting for another to recover so we can hang out more. I’m glad I have these friends.