Bench done

So my one-year mark is coming up soon, and my preparation has all been for these days. Today was bench, and my ORM went from 245->265 lbs! This was 5 pounds more than B thought my max could be, which is a sick thing and I will gladly take it. Tomorrow is deadlift, and that’s the one I’m most worried about. My current plan is 265 for bench + 405 for deadlift would mean 330 for squat which I think I can do fairly easily. Or at least I hope. Oh well no point psyching myself out now, I just need to go out there and rip it! I hope I’m happy with whatever happens.

R – 3 breaths

E – Bench went better than I expected, so now if I can hit 4 plates on deadlift tomorrow I’ll be set. I’m most worried about that, but I shouldn’t psych myself out.

S – Go eat now and get proper rest so you’re ready tomorrow

T – Get off the computer and go eat then sleep lol