Bombed out on squats lmao

Today was the final day of the big 3, and it went absolutely horribly lol. My last warmup was 315 on squat (my tied PR), and that moved fine. I then proceeded to fail all 3 other attempts, bruising my neck during it lmao. Also turns out S has read this, they brought it up in a very funny way which I appreciate. Turns out I was just doing the whole consequence of the doubt thing where I assumed they didn’t give a shit about my goal, but they had a fully benign explanation of what happened. I’m so grateful to have them.

R – 3 breaths

E – Notice several different situations I gave the consequence of the doubt in situations where it was misattributed.

S – Maybe do some more CBT to dispel these thoughts, I know it works in those situations.

T – From now on either DBT or CBT daily