Date tomorrow!

I find myself going through this pattern in life where I have some person who’s into me, and I’m into them, and then it doesn’t work out. That part is just how life goes no problems there – but then I somehow constantly think “Wow! That was the only chance I’ll ever get! Surely that was the last one, time to wrap it up!” I feel like it’s so incredibly naive and silly to keep believing this TIME and TIME again. The world’s an incredibly big place, and I am always free to change who I am for the better (or worse). That’s a pretty beautiful thing I think.

R – 3 breaths

E – I have a date tomorrow, and for some reason, I fear that if it goes wrong I will convince myself that I am doomed and I will never find someone I’m interested in.

S – Recognize the obvious flaw there, and enjoy the moment for what it is. Let go of all expectations and just enjoy having a nice date with someone sick!

T – Nothing to do but enjoy it and don’t overthink.