Dear lord I suck at this, huh?

So again it's 1am, and I want to hurry this up so I can go to bed. I'm glad I've stuck with writing at least something down daily, but I am a bit dissatisfied with the slop I just write for writings sake. I believe I can ask B out and she would say yes, and so now I'm at the weird feeling of having someone who's amazing but also not being 100% obsessed with them. I guess I'm now in a position where a relationship doesn't need to “fix” me or fill any hole I'm missing. I know that this is a well documented thing about people with very intense relationships finding healthy ones boring, but this is how life goes so who am I to complain. I've honestly been pretty mentally stable for a long time now, and so I don't really want to keep doing REST for no reason. I think I'm going to take a pause on that and see how I feel.