Dear Lord, the power of female attention

Hey. It’s again 2 a.m. I wanna sleep pretty damn badly. I went kinda sicko mode on my project, I just said fuck it and restarted from scratch. I don’t know what to CBT about, but I so desperately want to stick to this, if not for me but for my therapist’s sake.

Situation: Girl at martial arts seems like she’s into me.

Thoughts: I can be reading into things, and regardless I can come up with reasons why it won’t work.

Feelings: I kinda feel like a coward

Behavior: I end up not getting any extra experience, and I handicap myself in the future.


Thoughts: This is even easier than someone random, you have positive signs. Might as well use it as a learning experience if nothing else.

Feelings: Yeah ur right lmao, but it’s still scary.

Behavior: In the least, I’ll flirt back a bit more, and who knows maybe I’ll ask them on a date or something.

I’m tired dude. I’m hoping your MCL is fine, and your back feels better soon cause damn that bitch hurting. Love ya you goof ♥