How weird it is

There’s someone in my Martial Arts class who is absolutely gorgeous. Like when she looks at you and smiles, BOOM all thoughts exit your head. Me and another friend thought she was a model originally. Today’s class was a bit smaller, but we basically interacted for the first time today, and she is playfully serious in such a confident way, she’s just absolutely magnetic.

After the class, we talked a little bit while walking out, and we exchanged names. She was going to the gym, need I say more (shared interest (I do need to say more))? I didn’t want to overthink it, but I asked her if I could ask her a question, and she said no in the same way I love to. I asked her if she modeled, and she was absolutely flattered and said it was such a sincere compliment. Sometimes there are just those people who you see and just want to make happy – like realistically there’s a solid chance she’s a first or second year, which I think is weird because I’m essentially a 5th year. And regardless she could already have a partner, but even without the desire for a relationship I genuinely love making her smile. She’s just one of those people who radiates joy.

God isn’t it so cringe how I’m so enamored by this person without knowing that much about them? We were doing stretches at one point and we were supposed to lean as forward as we could while sitting on the floor. L and I barely moved forward 2 inches before tapping out, while she was laying flat on the floor. I found myself fighting to not laugh out loud at how funny the situation was. God, she just seems so cool. Oh well, maybe in another world. And maybe in this one? God, it’s just so much content. I’m grateful for it!