I asked for a sign

I for some reason asked God to send me a sign. Suddenly I just found myself smiling ear to ear. I realized I'm happy. Like truly, genuinely happy. I feel good. I'm not depressed.

Do you know how good it feels to hear music again? I was doing a plank, and found myself uncontrollably smiling at the floor. I was laughing for no reason. I could cry right now, I feel happiness again. I was facing a mirror, and there were like 5-6 beautiful girls in front of me, and all I could look at was my own smiling face. I was so fucking proud of myself for sticking it out. It's a cloudy day outside. Nothing drastic has changed, I'm still in the early stages of my new friendships, I don't have anything new, but I'm suddenly happy. I'm so happy I'm alive.