It doesn't need to be that way

I woke up horribly depressed from yesterday. I didn’t have the energy to get up or do anything, but because Hash needed to be taken out and fed, I got up. I ended up going to get food nearby, and didn’t feel shit. I didn’t want to just go home and bed rot, so I decided to drive to get boba, and halfway there I realized I’m not going to enjoy it and just waste more money, but I could go to a movie theater. I went to downtown Sunnyvale, and ended up in a very fancy AMC and watched the first movie that showed up – A quiet place: day one. Turns out that movie is horror, and also a prequel (for a movie I didn’t watch). I got jump scared several times pretty bad (good), to the point I had to keep reminding myself to not interlock my fingers as I’d squeeze down too hard. After, I guess I had enough of a shock to finally cal a friend to talk about it. I only really thought about that because I saw a sign saying “It’s ok to reach out” while I was driving over. We talked for a while, and I felt better. I got some caffeine and then dragged myself to the gym, where I then worked out a bit, intense enough to feel a bit more better. I did finally get that boba, and by then I felt somewhat back to myself. I went home and took my meds, did my laundry, and played a new game (which I will not say yet, for reasons I will eventually disclose). I feel better.