Jcole maxxing fr

I had a great few days recently, I’ve been studying for my midterms and have really enjoyed that. Also, I’ve had plenty of new music to listen to which I’ve been enjoying, and I’ve had a good amount of time to myself to do things I like. Today’s midterm felt pretty good, and I think I failed (superstition). Might as well fill this filler entry with that superstition.

Around 10th grade, I realized two things, that I actually enjoyed math and I didn’t have to say that I hated it, and also that whenever I told someone “I failed” a test, I always did insanely well. If I ever told someone that I felt good about it, I would somehow magically do badly, even if I was completely confident in that. Since then I don’t risk it because every time I have, it’s gone badly. So yeah, I failed this midterm also.

R – 3 breaths

E – S and L are always gone for the weekend, and so I don’t get to hang out with them, and so I kinda feel like they don’t want to hang out. I guess that’s more of an insecure thought that I don’t really feel, but I more feel sad that we don’t get to do anything cool. I’m aware that I have a limited amount of time with everyone, and it feels like a large chunk of it has gone to nothing.

S – Try to cherish the time I have with them, and more concretely figure out time for plans.

T – I’ll send a message in the group chat for next to next week.