Maybe a light concussion?

Today at martial arts I got hit in the jaw pretty hard, and lost motor control for a lil bit. I was also confused and disoriented for the next few hours, and I still have a bit of a headache – but I think I’m fine thankfully. I decided to use my free time today to finish editing a video, to keep on my mini-unofficial goal of one video a week. Just to make something I guess. It’s only 10:36 PM right now so I could get ready for bed and actually sleep at a reasonable time, which is something I’ll try to do, hopefully so I have more time in the day and so I can work out with S!

R – 3 breaths

E – Students want me to make more office hours for 138, and also there are plenty of things being neglected by other staff in the class that I could take over.

S – I don’t want to be taken advantage of by stepping up and doing several other people’s work, so instead I will sit back and not step up.

T – Enjoy my free time? I guess also don’t be stressed about it.