On Sisyphus

To me, Sisyphus’s struggle is to be human. Ultimately, so much in life ends up as things we do and toil at without any guarantee of our efforts paying off. In life we often struggle with these boulders, and it can be an incredibly overwhelming task to face, for me a big boulder has been dealing with depression. I wanted to write about this today because while going on my walk, I remembered how futile efforts felt due to anhedonia. Doing things like exercising, working on homework, getting sunlight, talking to friends all seemed like they did nothing and ultimately had no benefit; yet I would still force myself to do them. I think the only way to stay sane in life is to fall in love with the task of pushing the boulder, by doing something with no guarantee of success, and in some ways the unending reminder of failure. If you can fall in love with that, you can keep going.