Separation of Church and State

S met S and L for the first time today, we all played a bit of lethal company. Ironically, I was a little bit worried because I wasn’t exactly sure how tolerant either side would be. I think I was afraid for nothing, but I am a little bit afraid of any possible crossover episodes. I guess my fear is S’s lack of a filter and his honesty. Those are some of the things I love about him the most, as I know that he will give me the respect of being transparent with me about his thoughts. I also have a lot of trust in his character, as he is one of the most consistent in his beliefs people I’ve ever met. He doesn’t get swept up by trends or fads for activism, but genuinely believes in certain causes and is willing to make determined stands or compromises for them. I remember how he protested Taiwan’s oppression for years, way after it had subsided in the media. I also know that he is an incredibly loving and accepting person.

But I also am aware of the fact that he can be out of pocket, or say things that are not socially acceptable. I don’t actually disagree with the things that he says, as he has thought through the implications and meanings behind the things he says and has a valid rationale behind them. But also I get how it can be jarring or abrasive to others, as I think people typically who grow up in a bubble tie in connotations to words incredibly quickly. I guess that’s what my fear is. S is a great person, and I’m afraid of that being glossed over by something he says that gets taken the wrong way.

I guess I enjoy having this problem in some sense, as this means I am a multifaceted person and am not just living in one bubble. For all of the consequences of my upbringing, I am incredibly happy for being raised online, with how diverse of a group of people I’ve been able to be friends with.