Space x On That Time

Again sorry for writing this so rushed and late, but it is 1am and I was working on my 1k video which I have been somewhat planning for a while. I need to test if this audio gets removed, but I’m incredibly happy with it! Alright, I should really get some sleep for tomorrow. I had a great time with S and L today, we tried listing 100 women and 100 men and dear god that was terrible LMAO. I love them both so much.

R – 3 breaths

E – Roomate keeps showering with boyfriend even though I’ve explicitly said multiple times I feel uncomfortable, and recently just read my message and did it another 2 times within 12 hours.

S – If this happens again, I will reach out to the RA’s and also the lease does say that only 7 nights of overnight visitors are allowed – and he is past that so I am in the right to be able to say “no more boyfriend moving in :)”

T – Pay attention and keep leaving a trail to document if necessary.