Stressed for my interview

Tomorrow morning at 11 AM I have an interview with Amazon for a SWE internship. I’m definitely nervous but here’s to hoping everything works out and goes well.

Also today, I was in Costco, and I was almost moved to tears several times by some songs – specifically “Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor Op. 18” by Rachmaninoff. The song was written after a long depression and was dedicated to his psychiatrist for helping him get out of it. In Costco for some reason today I felt like the world had color again. I was just happy, not because of my year-long goal, but because I was happy.

R – 3 breaths

E – I am worried about my interview tomorrow, especially because I’ve never failed an interview before and so I’m worried about breaking that streak. But also think about that poem you set your bio to:

Never regret thy fall,

O Icarus of the fearless flight,

For the greatest tragedy of them all,

Is never to feel the burning light.

It is better to have tried and failed rather than never try at all.

S – Give it your all, and either way you will have been proud. Either the pressure is gone from failing, or you get a position at amazon lol.

T – Tomorrow morning prepare a bit more, and then get a good nights rest tonight.