The factory must grow

I finally got around to it and set up the Factorio server. I invited several friends, additionally invited N. I think it’ll be a bit interesting, as this seems to be one of the few things we may be able to share an interest in. I am a bit worried however because my other friends are from all different walks of life and I don’t know how well things will mesh. Oh well, time to find out!

I spent a while with T expanding, and I hope we didn’t get too far for S to not feel like he’s a part of it. Oh well.

R – 3 breaths

E – I have a ton of different mini-creative projects that I haven’t started or worked on at all.

S – I want to work on it this weekend, so I’ll just set aside some time to do it.

T – This Sunday I will work on getting some footage for some idea, or I can ask S tomorrow.