The fruits of those seeds

I decided to just do the Amazon interview and finished the 90-minute coding section in 12 minutes. I also believe I finished the final lab for CS 170, a month-long lab all in the span of 3 days, over about 20 hours. I also got a 14/15 in my grad class for the presentation of the 3 person project I did all by myself in about two weeks. I sometimes think about the things I’ve sacrificed to have the things I have now, like basically losing out on a childhood and being unsocialized – but god damn am I good at CS lol. I think if I can retroactively give myself the things I’ve lost, then I play the cards I’ve been dealt with well.

I used to think in highschool about how I was like a late-game league of legends character, and I just needed to thug out the early game to eventually hit the point where I scale and life is worth it. I think I’ve hit that point a while ago, much earlier than I expected. I’m pretty proud of myself for getting to this point I guess. That’s all I want to say.

R – 3 breaths

E – I guess notice how I feel good right now, and that’s probably due to interacting with friends at martial arts, working out intensely, and doing a lot of productive work. My medication probably doesn’t hurt either.

S – Take note of these things and set yourself up in the future for more of them.

T – Convince friends to join me for things, and maybe set up some group activities.