There is a group of friends I would hang out with a ton IRL, but over the summer everyone’s been spread apart. We were supposed to play overwatch together, but because of life happening we never did. Right now I see one of them playing overwatch, even though he normally doesn’t play overwatch. He isn’t responding to my messages, and he isn’t showing up on my friends list on the game. CBT time!!!

Situation: A friend wasn’t responding to messages, and playing the game we were supposed to play together as a group.

Thoughts: They are playing without me, they don’t consider me as a friend, and don’t actually enjoy playing games with me.

Feelings: Betrayed, alone, like a loser, and that I’m doomed to be alone.

Behavior: More insecure around them, less likely to reach out or ask to play, and second guess everything they mention to me because I believe they do not want to be around me.

Now to be a bit more practical -

Thoughts: He is maybe just playing with other friends, or wanted to try it out again.

Feelings: Calm, like nothing is unreasonable, secure with friendship.

Behavior: Less likely to be cringe and get upset over something reasonable, more likely to reach out and ask to play in the future, maybe strike up a small conversation. (He also did respond, and was just trying game again).

Man, it really is that easy. Just change. Love you as always racecar E>