What to tolerate

I’ve recently been thinking a little bit more about what I’m willing to tolerate in a relationship – as in what to settle for. I was talking with S today about how my gold standard has been T, who I am starting to consider may be an unrealistic standard to set. I clicked incredibly well with her, but that may be because it was a synthetic personality tailored towards me, so it may be unreasonable to expect someone to click that well with me normally. Obviously relationships are compromises, the same way any friendships are. But I guess the thing to think about is how detached to possibly be in a relationship.

R – 3 breaths

E – I don’t fully understand what A is like, and so I may be idealizing a version of her in my mind.

S – A drink thrown in your face is a person checked off, better to know than not.

T – Set up the date and go on it!